From the title itself, you know that you are in for good payouts and money back bonuses. This game has five play reels and 15 separate pay lines. Mr. Cashback Pokie comes with an awesome multiplier that allows you to double your winnings.

An extra bonus to watch out for is when the Mr. Cashback logo appears three times or more which signifies that the player won at least 12 free games. Among the 15 pay lines one will be your cash back line by way of loyalty rewards for continually playing this pokie game. Another topnotch online pokies game is the Pink Panther variation, which combines exciting gaming and loads and loads of fun. This game involves 40 paylines that make possible huge jackpot winnings.

Not only that, but this game likewise includes 5 different bonus games that gives you the wonderful opportunity to increase your winnings. These bonus games feature – who else – the wondrous character of the Pink Panther as he steals treasures the way you would earn yours. There are indeed millions of fun-seekers out there who have found both enjoyment and thrill in online pokies games.

Not only are there so many great designs to choose from, but there are even many other features and bonuses that double your chances of winning. Try logging on to legitimate and reliable online casino sites and checking for yourself the many different pokie games that you can try and get huge winnings from. Reportedly the biggest jackpot offer in the Pink Panther pokies is 50,000 coins. Priceless here, however, is the fun and laughter that will warm your heart as you play in the comfort of your own home, away from crowds and annoying people you may find in actual casinos.