There are many different variations of pokie games that you can play in your computer. There are varieties that allow you to download your chosen pokies games software, or at least the free trial version thereof. It is a good decision to try the software with free trial version first, especially of those varieties that have a counterpart in online casinos in order to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game before you engage in some real playing in casino websites on the web.

Others opt to go straight to online casino websites without downloading any software, which is not a bad idea anyway since most online pokie games allow web players to play few free rounds first before the real games begin. Many prefer playing online pokies rather than frequenting actual casino websites. If you try logging on to online casinos offering pokie games you will discover that many of them give huge bonuses when you start as new players.

There are online pokies that likewise offer paybacks and rewards for loyalty, as well as free credits that allow you to get more bonus spins and rounds. Online pokies in Australia are known to have higher payouts and higher jackpots, due to the millions who are now finding online pokies very enjoyable and continue to play hence the higher the jackpots go. As long as you have a working knowledge of slot machines, you will have no problem trying your hand (and luck) in online pokies, putting you at par with those who have actually played different pokie games for quite some time.