Choosing Your Favorite Casino Game

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Unlike most other online casinos games of chance, when playing poker you have actual strategic choices that can give you a positive expectation of winning. If you are playing a slot machine, the expectation is different. You may be lucky and beat the machine in the short run, but you cannot change the house edge when playing slots as you can when playing poker. Certainly, you may be fortunate enough to get lucky and hit a jackpot, but if you came to play, that money will start going right back into the game.

Your only decisions are what to wager and hen to click your mouse. None of these choices will lessen the slot’s advantage over you when you play. But, when you play progressive slots, by playing the max wager, you will decrease the house edge because you qualify for the big jackpot this way. Stay tuned, tomorrow we will cover poker versus other games when online gambling too.

We thought we would share a few online casinos tips for you to consider when playing craps or roulette. If you are shooting craps, the house has a mathematical advantage on every roll of the dice. You can decide which wagers to make, and some of these wagers are better than others for sure – you can even decide how much to bet each time as well, but the house still has an edge on every bet you make. So, unless you are psychic, the house percentage will take you down. If you are a roulette lover, and we honestly hope you are not, you can decide which number, group of numbers, or color to wager on, but it really does not matter. There is no real skill to it, only playing hunches and hoping for your luck to prevail. The house has a whopping 5.26% advantage on every single bet, and that is enough to make almost every player a loser.

Maybe 5.26% does not feel like the end of the world to you, but it certainly adds up folks. Just remember, these seemingly small percentages are what makes online gambling a great business for the facility running the shop. We are not saying that nobody wins these games, we are pointing out some things for you to consider.

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